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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Quizlet review - By Mustafa Mahmoud

Quizlet – Helping you memorise stuff

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a website called examtime.com which among many things, helped you remember what you needed to know for you exams. Quizlet is similar on the basis that it also helps with your exams, however it seems to know what it wants to do, just a little bit more than examtime did.

What is it?

Quizlet is an app that tries to help you memorise definitions and other simple facts. It does this in three different ways: flashcards, “learn”, and “match”. Flashcards is as it sounds – flashcards. You write down a question and then write the answer. It’s a very effective way of learning definitions and other short facts. Learn is more like a jeopardy test where it gives you the answer (definition) and you have to write down the question (the word itself). Lastly, match can be compared to a game of snap (closest thing I could think of) in which all the “cards” are laid out on a grid and then you have to put the word with its correlating definition. “Match” in my opinion is definitely the most fun and enjoyable out of the three, but try them all non-the-less.


 One interesting feature is the apps ability to read out whatever is written. This could be especially useful to those who are trying to learn a different language and want to know the pronunciation, or for those who simply remember things better when they hear it. There are two ways to obtain quizzes, either by making them yourself, with the simple built in creator, or by searching for specific topics or subjects. The main issue I had with this is that although there were many search results, none of them were of particular use to me.

That is basically the app in a nutshell. It’s rather barebones, although in many instances, that can be seen as a good thing as it doesn’t overcomplicate the app. The UI us simple and easy to understand, and you can sign in with Google, Facebook, or email which is a plus. The website is fully functioning as well (although the app is much more convenient). Speaking of the app, it is available free of charge for android and iOS (so no WP love) and it is essentially an easier simpler and less cluttered version of examtime. Although I liked examtime, I much prefer Quizlet due to its simplicity and convenience. Do with that information what you wish.

By Mustafa Mahmoud

Download the app from here: www.quizlet.com

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