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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mystudylife review - By Mustafa Mahmoud

My study life

Organising your student life

I’ve been wanting to use and review this app for a while but haven’t done so due to many reasons. Over time a certain hype was built up towards the app, and once I finally used it, I wasn’t disappointed. You may wonder why it was so difficult for me to muster up the energy to use the app, and I shall tell you why.

The app allows you to sign up either through google, Facebook, or email and syncs with all your devices through the cloud. Next you must then set up your timetable with all your classes, any upcoming exams and any other tasks you need to complete. This is the tedious part of setting up the app. I am naturally lazy and put it off for as long as possible, however I wish I hadn’t.

Once your account is all set up, my study life is a brilliant way of keeping up with your work, knowing what to do and when. It’s got 4 main functions. The first is to inform you of anything that you have today, the second is to inform you of any upcoming exams, and the third is to remind you of your upcoming classes while the fourth reminds you of any general tasks that you need to do. All of this is accessible and visible through the dashboard. A calendar that allows you see further ahead (weekly or monthly) is accessible through a swipe of the sidebar. You receive timely notifications on any tasks that are coming up soon. The website version is just as practical and even more beautiful than the app (the app’s UI is very eye pleasing) with slick animations visible through almost any action. A chrome extension can also be downloaded to allow push notifications and the like.

Basic UI walkthrough

The only complaints I can think of is the long setup time (although necessary) and the fact that being an American app, not everything is compatible here in the UK (mainly things such as the use of semesters instead of terms).

Overall my study life is a great app that makes your student life just that much more organised. I would highly recommend it to any student who’s looking for a modern PDA like experience, or to those who just seem to forget about a homework assignment given the previous week.

My study life is available on Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Chrome.
you can access the website from here

 By Mustafa Mahmoud

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