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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

ExamTime The App, Review - By Mustafa Mahmoud

ExamTime The App - now called Go Conqr

A step in the right direction

By Mustafa Mahmoud

A few months ago, I came across a website called ExamTime. I gave it a generally positive review, with my main issue being the lack of a dedicated app. The creators of ExamTime have now brought out said dedicated app. The question is, “how well does the app work with its given functions?”

The app itself appears to be well polished and is nicely designed, with everything being clear and clean. All four forms of revision are ported over nicely, with no layout issues when trying to view them. For those who haven’t read my previous review, the four different forms of revision available are:
  • Mind Map
  • Quiz
  • Flashcards
  •  Notes
Signing into the app, I was able to retrieve my old notes, bearing no compatibility errors, which is nice to see. The app is a nice addition to the platform, allowing for an easier viewing of the notes on the go. The only issue now is the fact that you can’t create or edit any notes on the app. While this is understandable as it would be quite hard to do, it detracts from the overall experience. This means that if you simply want to add a few sentences or some extra questions, you’ll have to go find a computer. In a day and age where mobile phones have such dominance, this is slightly disappointing. However the existence of an app shows their dedication to the platform, hopefully meaning we may see the ability come to fruition in an update. The only other issue is the abundance of loading screens, with no clever tricks attempting to mask them, although that’s mainly me nit-picking (it shouldn't be an issue to most people).

Overall the app works well, it offers a good way to revise on the go, and best of all, it looks nice. It may be missing some features, but it’s a step in the right direction.

To read my original review, which goes into more details about the functions, click here.

ExamTime is available for android and iOS and can be downloaded from here:

To view the website, click here

By Mustafa Mahmoud

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