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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Google Keep Review - By Mustafa Mahmoud

Google keep review

The best note taking app?

By: Mustafa Mahmoud

There are hundreds of note taking apps out there. Many in fact have already been reviewed by my fellow innovators. However in amongst the abundance of apps, there lies Google Keep. So what exactly does it do differently that makes it my, and hopefully your, favourite note taking app?

Keep (or Google Keep) is a Google product, and is therefore weaved quite well into the android ecosystem. There is no iOS app unfortunately, but this means that Google was able to focus on android specific features, such as creating widgets, working with android wear, and syncing with Google Now. It has 4 core features however: taking notes, making lists, voice notes, and picture notes. With all of those, you can set a reminder if you wish, to ensure you don’t forget it.

To use keep, you must have a Google account, and although some may not like that, it allows Keep to sync across multiple devices. This means that if you write a shopping list on your tablet, you can go to Asda and tick off the items from your phone. There’s a Chrome app as well as a website, meaning that you’ll be able to reach for your notes on most devices. The app itself has a simple layout (single or multi-column), with each note being able to be customised in terms of colour. The notes themselves can be rearranged, allowing you to put your more important notes near the top. Notes can also be archived, for those notes that you no longer need. The simple UI makes it easy to use, and nice on the eyes.

There may be many alternate apps that do way more than Keep (such as Evernote), but for what it does do, Keep is the best. So if you’re looking for a simple, reliable and good looking notes app, Google Keep is the app for you.

You can check out the website here, and you can download it from here:

By Mustafa Mahmoud

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