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Welcome to the Student Innovator Blog

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The Student Innovators is a group of students passionate about using technology to help learning. They will be trying out apps and web tools alongside their studies and give feedback on the Student Innovator blog. They work together as a team to share their experiences so you know before you download which app is best. You are welcome to read their reviews and leave comments.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Letterspace by Connie

Name of App:  Letterspace

Cost: Free

Device/s used: iPod

What was good about this tool?
This is a simple note taking tool/app. Its main selling point is that you can use hashtags to group different notes together and search your notes using these hashtags. There are many different fonts to choose from and it is easy to change the size too. This is better for note taking in comparison to Inkflow which was better for diagrams and labels. I think this app is best for taking down quick notes and maybe idea developments as the hashtags can link them together. Letterspace can be downloaded to all Apple products with up to date software and so it can be synced across devices.

What was bad about this tool?
You do not get seperate 'Notebooks' and so all notes go into one list. This can be difficult if you want to use this app for multiple subjects. Also the font only comes in black unless you want to pay £1.49 per colour!

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