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The Student Innovators is a group of students passionate about using technology to help learning. They will be trying out apps and web tools alongside their studies and give feedback on the Student Innovator blog. They work together as a team to share their experiences so you know before you download which app is best. You are welcome to read their reviews and leave comments.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ginger Page - Review By Jess Morris

Name of App: Ginger Page

Cost: Free

Device/s used: iPhone

Image found on Ginger Page

What was good about this tool?

Quick, easy and helpful application for English. Detects any mistakes or errors in grammar and spelling, it can also suggest alternative sentence for you to use. It also has a personal dictionary, so it is easy and simple to use to find words that you often use. It also has a speech recognition, to ensure that sentence makes sense.
I was able to use this app for my English homework and it really helped me, I thought it was a easy application to use and recommend it to my friends and anyone.

Image found on Appadvice.com.
Author: Daniel Celeste. Date published: 27th May, 2014.

What was bad about this tool?

The issues with the application are that you are unable to export the document to Microsoft or as any other file format. The application only exports the text to SMS messaging, email or social media websites. In addition, the application has the issue where the detection may not be correct, and make an error in your grammar.

http://www.gingersoftware.com/content/wp-content/uploads/ginger_page_pr-500x300.jpg http://appadvice.com/review/quickadvice-ginger-page

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