Welcome to the Student Innovator Blog

Welcome to the Student Innovator Blog

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The Student Innovators is a group of students passionate about using technology to help learning. They will be trying out apps and web tools alongside their studies and give feedback on the Student Innovator blog. They work together as a team to share their experiences so you know before you download which app is best. You are welcome to read their reviews and leave comments.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Idea Sketch by Ben

Name of App: Idea Sketch

Cost: Free

Device/s used: Hudl (Android), Computer (PC)

What was good about this tool? 
Idea Sketch provides support in creating mind maps, brainstorms etc... This tool is good to use as it not only maintains a clear and easy to read format, it is easily adjustable to suit any of your needs. This product is also free and easy to find on the app store. This app also saves paper, reducing your carbon footprint.

What was bad about this tool? 
Not everyone has a smart phone so this app can only benefit people with such tools. Although it enables you to do you notes quick and easy, I found it hard to save my work and also print it off. You can only use this app with IOS 8 (Apple) downloaded making it harder to use.

Overall I would use this app as it is easy to use/find also clear and for people with bad handwriting, it is a lifesaver.

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