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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

TinyScan Review by Jessica

Name of App: TinyScan
Cost: Free
Device/s used: iPhone

Cover art
TinyScan Logo

What was good about this tool?
The application is fairly easy to use; just simply taking a photo ('scan') of notes and it saves as a PDF document. Great to use for college notes and you can easily crop the photo for the notes, so the important information is saved.
After you have taken the photo, you can adjust the contrast of the document, so you can see the text more clearly.

iPhone Screenshot 1
Image of screen shot of TinyScan on a iPhone

What was bad about this tool?
The issues I found with this application is that it has limited space for your notes, which can be an issue but you can get with purchasing the 'TinyScan Pro', an unlimited space for documents and also has other features which the free app doesn't have. Another issue I found with the application is that you need to position the notes/documentation so that you can precisely take a decent 'scan', although sometimes can be difficult to do.
In addition, you cannot print it. You can only do so with the 'TinyScan Pro', but again you can email it, open it in another application (such as iBooks), you can also fax it and save it to your Camera Roll in your phone. Another minor issue could be that it's black and white other than colour, the reason why it can be an issue is because someone might have coloured paper for viewing notes more easy (e.g. blue paper).

Overall Opinion 
Very good application and great use for work documentation or college/university notes. Difficult to position the documentation before 'scanning' it, but can also change contrast to easily view document. Would not recommend to someone who uses coloured paper to write notes on, as it would be in black and white. Other than that, very good and easy to use; would definitely recommend.


Image of TinyScan logo found from Google Play
Author: Appxy. Date published on website: 13th October 2014. Date added on this website: 26th November 2014. Website Link: (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxy.tinyscanfree)
Image of screen shot with TinyScan on iPhone found from iTunes
Author: Appxy. Date published on website: 18th September 2014. Date added on this website: 26th November 2014. Website Link: (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tinyscan-pdf-scanner-to-scan/id595563753?mt=8)

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