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Welcome to the Student Innovator Blog

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The Student Innovators is a group of students passionate about using technology to help learning. They will be trying out apps and web tools alongside their studies and give feedback on the Student Innovator blog. They work together as a team to share their experiences so you know before you download which app is best. You are welcome to read their reviews and leave comments.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Wunderlist by Rory

Name of App: Wunderlist

Cost: Free

Device/s used: iPhone

What was good about this tool? 
This App was good for organisation. You are able to put all your plans and needs into one App. It then reminds you what you need to do and when by if you set a date it the task to be completed. 
The good thing about this App as well, is that unlike on reminders on an iPhone, once you have completed the task you have set yourself, the reminder will disappear and stay in the records, meaning that you don't get confused about what you need to do, which i do when using reminders. 

What was bad about this tool?
 It is slightly confusing trying to understand how to work the App at first, but after having a fiddle around with it, it is just as easy as an other App. 

This App also allows you to create Emailing lists, meaning that if you are organising anything like a football team, cricket or any other social sports club, this could be a good app for sending mass emails out on and reminding you to so. 

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